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The WEB 2.0 is offering an increasing amount of services to share, thoughts and files.For several months I’ve been using lots of the so called Microblogging services available on the internet (except Jaiku). I must say i still love Twitter and i hate when Twitter is down for too long or when it has database problems. But the Twitter service is valuable because the people are there. For a networking site to work you need to have the people in there and Twitter has it, though it’s down almost every week for several hours and it is very limited.

Update: I think Microblogging is a vague definition of the services as many of this sites offer different benefits to the users and they don’t compete with each other providing a equal service. It’s just that we have some amount of time to update all of them so we decide to use a few of them, mainly the ones that provide more benefits to us.


A while ago Kevin Rose and Leah Culver (along with some other people) launched Pownce which intends to provide a similar service as twitter but allowing us to share audio files, videos, pictures and links along with our messages. I like Pownce (though i don’t use it to post much) because it allows to have all the updates and the files there without opening any links. Many will say that that is a Feature Friend Feed is already offering and it’s true but Pownce offers a much more comfortable view (at least for me).

I use pownce to read the updates of the people that do update on Pownce regularly and find it very comfortable to know what i will look for and not have a bunch of shortened URLs around. Ok, the problem is that there has been reports of Pownce having issues when you follow (or become a fan of) too much people. I think that for Pownce to drive more users it needs to allow us to be fans of whatever number of people we will like (Like Twitter does) or at least put a really high top for the number of people you can become fan of.

What I like from Pownce:

  • It looks good, for me the looks are important since I’m going to be reading the page a lot.
  • It shows the files in the home page so you actually know what you are going to look at.
  • It allows you to post other profiles so people can find you.

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Stories to tell

After watching The Dark Knight, reading a couple of books and watching some videos at i was inspired to keep going with my projects. This inspiration came from the stories that had been told to me by Christopher Nolan, Machiavelli and  Sir Ken Robinson.

Stories Make us Realize that we can

The importance of this stories is that they make us see, in a way or another, what we are capable of achieving if we put a amount of effort to one thing. Batman keeps doing big sacrifices and enormous efforts to bring peace to Gotham, to show us that we call can be heroes if we do the correct thing in the correct time. It doesn’t matter if it seems as we are the ones who lose or if people think we are the bad guys, sometimes we just need to do the correct thing in any given time. Of course, i hope that the given time is always.  Inspiration comes from realizing that ordinary people like Bruce Wayne or any other ordinary guy we admire (Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc.) can achive great things if they set up a goal and do the correct thing when that is needed. We can achive peace in Gotham,being the most wealthy person in the world, or being the one creating the most desired tech products.

The message is: “Whatever we want we can achieve”.

This what is so inspiring about stories and documentaries on the life of the heroes we have. But, then the sense of “we don’t have what they had to do it” comes to our minds. And when this times arrive is when conferences like the one given by Sir Ken Robinson come to tell us that all we need is ourselves and our potential. Sir Ken Robinson (In the video at the end of this post) tells us that education or having money are not the key to success, but creativity is. And we humans happen to have a unlimited creative potential. So when the feelings of lack of resources come, there are also some stories that inspire us to keep going and know that we have all that we need. Then Machiavelli comes to tell us a story of how we can behave in places that people thought were not for us. So that the idea of being what we want is the only thing we need.

Tell your story

The conclusion i draw from this is that our stories can help inspire many people around the world and change it. We are empowered with the Internet that allows us to reach millions of people. So i think that no matter what our stories say we need to share them because they will inspire some one.

I lot’s of stories that i will share when i have the time to write them or talk about them. I hope you share your story too.

“Every experience is Valuable” –

Conference by Sir Ken Robinson on

Today i was reading a lot of posts about how to promote a new service or product on-line. The discussion went this issue should be approached: get a business account or get the person in charge promote it with his or her personal accounts in the social media and communication channels used by the community.

The first thing i will try to avoid is saying “target market” because now we don’t like to be targets of anybody. The second thing is that we will assume the product is excellent and useful for the community.

Having established that, the first discovery made by Mel Kirk on her Personal vs. Professional post is that you can get up to 10 time more responses from a personal account than from a business account. So this is a signal that people prefer to contact someone with a face, a personality and the human touch. The conclusion that i have came to  is that now, more than ever, the power of voice is getting more powerful (yes I’m being redundant) and people are only listening to other people about products.


The feeling of talking to a twitter account that is named XYZ INC. is very impersonal and cold. You don’t know who the person behind that keyboard is, what is he feeling or if he even uses the product. While if you can contact a person like for example @johndoe you can actually follow his life problems as well as his work problems and his experience with the product. The first rule is then: The person in charge of the communications should be using the product everyday as any user or costumer will do. The Second one should be that the person needs to use his or her personal account to share her views of the product as well as their opinions and life events.

The business or professional account is also important. Ok so people follow the person and the professional account to get the full coverage but knowing who is behind the professional site responses. So that way if the person or team in charge of the communications goes from the company the company can promote their product with the business account and introduce the new communications person or team to the users. Sometimes even the old communications person will introduce the new one from her twitter account. The third rule that comes from this is that the professional contact is also important for the company.


So, the social contact is becoming more important as the tools are making it possible. We prefer to be in touch with a person that with a company. For example we prefer to be more in touch with Jason Calacanis than with a Mahalo twitter or friendfeed account. I think that this has been all the time and now that it is possible for us to have it we demand it more than ever.

It has always been true that we prefer a opinion from a friend ten times over a good advertisment. That’s why since a long time ago Marketing experts have been giving a lot of importance to the power of voice and the excellence in costumer service. Now that social media allows us to follow almost anyone in sites like Twitter, Friendfeed, Jaiku, etc; we demand to see the people behind the companies there and get to know them better. Get to know how they feel, how real they are and what problems and everyday news they have to tell us. I guess that is why this magazines about the “private” life of the artists sell a lot (Refering to Mel’s post again).

To syntetize, we prefer to be in touch with people than with companies, but still the business account has a importance in keeping updates of the service (as long as it comes with a personal account attached). So the approach (as Mel states on her post and as i think too) is to have a mixed strategy and used both types of communication.

The Break Operation is a blog that comes from a brainstorming session where my partners and me were trying to  find ideas for  new products to launch to the market. During that Session i realized that i didn’t liked what i was doing so i proposed to take a break and get a some fresh air. Then we all left for the break and suddenly realized that what we all loved was not what we were doing at the time.  That was the beginning of The Break Operation.

The Break Operation to me is the chance i got to start focusing on what i really liked. I’m a International Business student and i do like businesses. But i also liked other things. First of all is the Internet, it’s blogs, podcasts and every tool that allows us to be connected. I also like another approach to business i like a more chaotic, not common way of approaching to business. Inspired by reading the books Funky Business and Karaoke Capitalism i came to understand that business couldn’t be done in the same old fashioned way. We have to embrace change and with that chaos and new experiences.

I also started to focus in businesses i liked, like internet television, witting and producing shows, communications and applying the new marketing tools to already existing businesses.

Having a clear idea of what i want i started a quest of learning the tools, skills, crafts and paths that i needed to follow to do what i really love. That is be in the internet, live it and make it better.

So this is The Break Operation and it’s about going along with what we like and moving forward. It’s about knowing that some established rules are there on the paper but not on the reality. It’s about gaming, movies and inspiration. Finally it’s about of enjoying what we like at the most.