The Break Operation

The Break Operation is a blog that comes from a brainstorming session where my partners and me were trying to  find ideas for  new products to launch to the market. During that Session i realized that i didn’t liked what i was doing so i proposed to take a break and get a some fresh air. Then we all left for the break and suddenly realized that what we all loved was not what we were doing at the time.  That was the beginning of The Break Operation.

The Break Operation to me is the chance i got to start focusing on what i really liked. I’m a International Business student and i do like businesses. But i also liked other things. First of all is the Internet, it’s blogs, podcasts and every tool that allows us to be connected. I also like another approach to business i like a more chaotic, not common way of approaching to business. Inspired by reading the books Funky Business and Karaoke Capitalism i came to understand that business couldn’t be done in the same old fashioned way. We have to embrace change and with that chaos and new experiences.

I also started to focus in businesses i liked, like internet television, witting and producing shows, communications and applying the new marketing tools to already existing businesses.

Having a clear idea of what i want i started a quest of learning the tools, skills, crafts and paths that i needed to follow to do what i really love. That is be in the internet, live it and make it better.

So this is The Break Operation and it’s about going along with what we like and moving forward. It’s about knowing that some established rules are there on the paper but not on the reality. It’s about gaming, movies and inspiration. Finally it’s about of enjoying what we like at the most.


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