Stories to tell

After watching The Dark Knight, reading a couple of books and watching some videos at i was inspired to keep going with my projects. This inspiration came from the stories that had been told to me by Christopher Nolan, Machiavelli and  Sir Ken Robinson.

Stories Make us Realize that we can

The importance of this stories is that they make us see, in a way or another, what we are capable of achieving if we put a amount of effort to one thing. Batman keeps doing big sacrifices and enormous efforts to bring peace to Gotham, to show us that we call can be heroes if we do the correct thing in the correct time. It doesn’t matter if it seems as we are the ones who lose or if people think we are the bad guys, sometimes we just need to do the correct thing in any given time. Of course, i hope that the given time is always.  Inspiration comes from realizing that ordinary people like Bruce Wayne or any other ordinary guy we admire (Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc.) can achive great things if they set up a goal and do the correct thing when that is needed. We can achive peace in Gotham,being the most wealthy person in the world, or being the one creating the most desired tech products.

The message is: “Whatever we want we can achieve”.

This what is so inspiring about stories and documentaries on the life of the heroes we have. But, then the sense of “we don’t have what they had to do it” comes to our minds. And when this times arrive is when conferences like the one given by Sir Ken Robinson come to tell us that all we need is ourselves and our potential. Sir Ken Robinson (In the video at the end of this post) tells us that education or having money are not the key to success, but creativity is. And we humans happen to have a unlimited creative potential. So when the feelings of lack of resources come, there are also some stories that inspire us to keep going and know that we have all that we need. Then Machiavelli comes to tell us a story of how we can behave in places that people thought were not for us. So that the idea of being what we want is the only thing we need.

Tell your story

The conclusion i draw from this is that our stories can help inspire many people around the world and change it. We are empowered with the Internet that allows us to reach millions of people. So i think that no matter what our stories say we need to share them because they will inspire some one.

I lot’s of stories that i will share when i have the time to write them or talk about them. I hope you share your story too.

“Every experience is Valuable” –

Conference by Sir Ken Robinson on


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