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Today I start my long weekend. After 3 weeks of working at an electricity distribution company tomorrow we have the anniversary party. That doesn’t count as work right? You may wonder how a Social Media person (like I like to label myself) is working for a Electricity Distribution Company. It’s simple it is an internship and here in Peru we don’t get many cool startups or firms to work. So this is the main reason why I’ll like to move to California pretty soon.

The fun thing is that i work at the PR department (though studying Business Administration) and i keep arguing with people on how to speak to costumers and how they are the ones needing all the information, while the people in charge of communications don’t communicate as they should. I guess they can afford the luxury of that since Electricity Distribution is a Natural Monopoly.

Going on with my plans on Sunday I’ll keep doing my work for this amazing project in the UK called 4mations. Special thanks to Mel Kirk for letting me be part of her team. LOVE YA! MEL! YOU ROCK!

Well so this long weekend will be highly productive and maybe I’ll go to a party or two. Also on Saturday we will be doing the Live DROPP TV and the taping of the new and improved Dropp Report (Quest of getting out of Beta). So this is a bit of randomness! Also I’m looking for another Internship in the operations department at any company that has one, specially if it’s a internet or social network. I need to get out of electricity and need more action.

The other great news is that my consulting firm is back in action JGD CONSULTING! and it’s becoming a Marketing, Projects and Social Communications Consulting firm. So this long weekend will be busy…And i thought i would get to sleep.

Please leave your comments, critics, ideas, love, hate or any schwag.

See you son probably uploading the new Dropp Report.



Our latest project is a show called Dropp Report. We are working on it and still solving our hardware set up for it. But in the eagerness of doing it we started doing live shows and taped a Beta on Viddler using a webcam.

Here it is hope you enjoy and we promise to deliver better quality soon:

Follow us on twitter for updates on when we go live

I’m a follower of EPIC FU and a MIX member. I love Epic Fu it’s just EPIC!!! Zadi, the host of the show, went on living a week without plastic and i decided to join her and see if it was possible for me to live full 7 days without getting new plastic. Thank god it ends today because tomorrow I’ll be getting my new iPhone ( and new plastic).

Ok so first it started with a huge hardware fail. I took pictures and videos of lot’s of glass and aluminum containers i used to replace plastic but a EPIC fail in my memory card erased them all. Gladly i found a couple of pics i took today that I will add to this post.

Here is a brief diary of how it went

Day 1: Pretty simple, all my “old plastic” is still providing my daily plastic consumption. No Starbucks for me though (I do have a thermos). I’ve been wanting to quit Starbucks a long time ago and this is the great moment for it. I did it and now i have more money in my pocket every day! YAY!

Day 2: Ok so i need a new camera memory, but that is plastic too. So I’m not getting one until next friday. I was desperate for a coke (or soft drink as my Co-Host in the Dropp Report says). Didn’t found any non-plastic big one (for the family) so we started drinking green tea. (Kevin Rose Style, I should leave in San Fransisco. If you guys know of a Job for me in SF please let me know! I’ll appreciate it).

Day 3: Here on DAY 3! Saturday…this is when it really got hard. Shopping day and i need to go and buy food to fill my fridge. (At this time Zadi and Steve where giving they Keynote on NME and i Missed it …another EPIC FAIL!). This is my list. I found green tea from China in a cool metal and paper cup and not wrapped in plastic at all. I changed the supermarket for the old school market where the meat is not in plastic so i just got some “old plastic” reciepients to put the meat and stuff in. Also i saved lot’s of money. I bought everything in my list except cookies…they come in plastic. Butter in aluminum foil (or other metal). A box of pasta….instead of plastic. A box of cocoa (Hersheys FTW). So i got almost everything…thanks to the oldschool market artist that made me some paper bags instantly so wouldn’t use plastic.

Day 4: Sunday, not getting out of my house Yay! So no temptations to buy at all

Day 5: Almost got fired from my new internship (Some one thought i wanted to attack the office when i said it looked like the office SD-6 had in the TV series Alias, they need to watch more TV) Well, as far as plastic i rejected every piece of food i was offered, and used wood pencils instead of pens. Pens are made of plastic (and  i don’t have any of those fancy metal pens).

Day 6: Complicated plastic day! I need to throw the trash and runned out of plastic bags. So i had to go a buy new plastic bags for the trash (I wish we could use rubbish cans here). It’s the only plastic purchase so far. But i got some cool plastic. It’s a type of plastic that takes 1/200 of the time to degradate. So i guess I’m not being that bad with the world using this. I was also sent to buy CD’s and so i got them. Another plastic thing we can’t seem to replace. The person who sent me to buy CD’s should learn he or she can upload things to something called THE INTERNET! or use a USB drive or send someone else to buy (not the guy in the 7 days without plastic challenge),

Day 7: Final day of the challenge (Just realized Wednesday was day 7…I did 8 days then). Ok we are running out of food and I want some coke (or soft drink). So i go out to the store and find this cool glass bottle of Coke with a metal cap on it. FTW!!! COCA COLA Company rocks! They made a glass bottle. So the first coke of the week. Nice to find some non plastic coke. If not i would have needed to drink some more TEA. Don’t get me wrong tea is great and all, but a glass of coke every once in a while is good too. The pic on this post is the glass Coke bottle with some editing i did so it will actually look good because the pic looked bad.

So this is my exciting challenge. I wish i would have the videos or pics but my MEMORY CARD failed.

Thanks for reading this and hope there is more green challenges for us.

A conclusion: If you go to a market instead of a supermarket you can find things that don’t come in plastic and save money. Also, not buying plastic helps you get clean with your diet. No cookies or snacks in one week that was cool. I also saved a ton of money in that.

Can’t wait to see the end of Zadi’s 7 days this coming tuesday!

So i was watching Gary Vaynerchuk’s keynote on New Media Expo and he talked about making shows about your DNA! I think it’s true you need to putt your DNA in everything you do and do what you like in order to be happy and excellent at those things.

The keynote got me thinking in what my DNA tells me i like. The answers was pretty simple : Computers, Girls (Over 50% of thinking done by men is about girls), Entertainment, News, Jokes, Marketing, Internet, Girls, Gadgets, How awesome is to be able to be online all day, More gadgets and girls. That was about it. The epic thing about this is that the list is pretty wide so i can do a whole bunch of things. My DNA also tells me to finish college (though i sense some pointless classes and information given to me there), but well i think some ideas are valuable. They tell me what techniques are not good anymore. So i prefer to learn from MIT Open Course ware ( SiliconCalley Style), and learn from people who have bright ideas and make them happen like Tara Hunt (FTW!!! I’m his number 1 fan! she rocks! I love the way she thinks and her ideas). Continue Reading »

Ok so NME (New Media Expo for those who don’t know about it) started today! And Gary Vay.Ner.Chuk opened up with his Keynote. BTW, thanks to Gary and AJ for making the live stream so we all could enjoy and get inspired by his show (ehm Key Note!). He talked about how to get a New Internet Show running and what makes the Internet a great media to be in this days!

He mentioned the 2 main points: Community and Content!!!!

Serve the Community, make them happy, listen to them and be friends with them! Be part of them! Or let them be part of your life!

And content! Make it original! Put your DNA into it! Don’t try to be like anybody else! That is the true value of the shows we see on the Internet!

That being sayed! Hustle your face off!!!! Now the complete message has been given.

Ok taking it from where i left ….Revision 3 is launching Revision3Beta (aka REV3BETA) powered and sponsored by Viddler (they are awesome We ❤ Viddler). The idea is to give opportunity for new media shows to go on rev3beta and be tested and then if they’re good make it to a Rev3Beta show card and if they are extremely good make it to Rev· (Ohhh yeah!!!!)

So we are all on for that! Bloggers! Vloggers! All of us! The GaryVee, Epic Fu… generation FTW!

Right now I’m searching for ideas! So if any of you Internet people have ideas please comment down there!!! (Imagine me pointing down to the comments link).

Ok hope you have a nice FRIDAY!! and I’ll be back with more NME updates!

I’ve been reading The Cluterian Manifesto for the past few days and i found out a really important statement there. Marketing uses war like terms, war like strategies and they often get war like results. Though this is changing 9 years after the Manifesto was written it is still true in the majority of business. I study International Business and it doesn’t matter where we study we always get the same books to read and the same basic data from our classes. Marketing uses terms as target market, niche, position. And not to mention the war like strategies it promotes.

Back when i took Marketing 101 i came up with the phrase Marketing is War (based on the old wrestling slogan Raw is War). And i was convinced it was a good idea. But who are we against?

If we accept the premise that our products differentiate from the competition then we own our small monopolies. And we do, because if we didn’t then we will have no profits at all (in perfect competition). So we are fighting the competition that actually is not a pure competition, but we are fighting this war using an unsual battlefield : the costumers mind.(Note that i said costumer not consumer) Continue Reading »

i’ve been studying marketing for some time now and many of the terms marketing uses sound bad or just inappropriate to refer to costumers, markets which are mainly groups of people.

first we have niche. niche is actually meant to be a group of people with some specific interest, but the etymology of niche is not near that definition at all. i don’t know where did it came from, but i believe people with certain interests deserve to be named in a better way than niche. in spanish niche is a whole in a wall where they put the coffins. death bed is not actually what we should call our group of costumers right?

then with the internet we get the word viral. viral meaning a campaign that spreads like a virus. last time i checked nobody wanted a virus. so how a campaign that is supposed to be popular is called viral? i think it’s lack of creativity of the people choosing the words in marketing.

then the use of costumer instead of client. i know that costumer is still the word we are going to use. is the word i’m going to use, but client explains much better what we want to say. client is the one using a service, enjoying it, and the client is the patron. the patron is the regular costumer and it’s what we need to take care off. i.e the people using twitter, the people uploading original content to youtube or the viewers of revision 3.

all the companies mentioned above have excellent client service. i think that we need to start realizing that our clients or “costumers” are the community we need to serve and be part off. when you enter a marketing meeting you can hear the “expert” saying: “The 25% of the market thinks the product is bad”, but in reality what we should listen to is something like this “John and Jane don’t like this feature of the product” and then  something like this “but Susan and Mary really enjoy this other features”.

what’s the point?

the point i want to make here is that marketing has failed to use the correct words to refer to the community of people that buy a product or take a service.

but those times are over. marketing is being redefined slowly but lot’s of people that feel times are changing. we have terms as pinko marketing, social media marketing and new ones coming every day that seek to make people understand the the most important thing is the community. so we need to be honest and care about the community instead of look at them as numbers and strange people.

We need to thank people redefining and spreading the importance of people in this new era of life (because it’s more than business) like Tara Hunt and many others. I want to thank specially Tara Hunt because of her approach to make a real shift in how we do business, work, marketing, communications and community building.

so now that the new trends are being defined we need to be awake to take action with the new approach to marketing, because the old approaches are losing effctivity every day. marketing and branding as everything in this world evolve with time and we are seeing a major stage of that evolution.

This weekend I’ve been helping a new made Internet Friend to raise funds for the Thunder Cruise with Gary Vaynerchuk and it has been an amazing experience.

Note: Gary Vaynerchuk is the host of WineLibraryTV and It’s an amazing person too. He is organizing the Thunder Cruise next april. My friend is Sarah Cooley, you can follow her on Twitter, read her blog and donate on her tip jar. And Watch her video here.

Well, the interesting thing about this weekend is how Sarah started to raise money for her trip to the Thunder Cruise she posted a Video on Viddler and asked for 5 dollar donations to every person that watched. She has not yet got to the goal now, but she is surely in the right track and it’s 100% sure she will get it.

I was amazed on how she started raising money so fast for her trip and how the internet community actually helped her out. First i met Sarah yesterday on a Gary Vaynerchuk live US Stream and felt i needed to help her since we are in the same situation (College students working for nothing and being broke right now).

I love the way the internet makes it all so easy and possible, so we need just to believe in ourselves and start making things happen. The small message from this post (besides the Donate to Sarah, please) is to encourage all people to use the power of the Internet to leverage the efforts in seeking a goal. I’m surely going to do it. How about you?

That reminds me i need to raise funds for the Thunder Cruise too. After Sarah of course!