How the Internet Community is helping Sarah

This weekend I’ve been helping a new made Internet Friend to raise funds for the Thunder Cruise with Gary Vaynerchuk and it has been an amazing experience.

Note: Gary Vaynerchuk is the host of WineLibraryTV and It’s an amazing person too. He is organizing the Thunder Cruise next april. My friend is Sarah Cooley, you can follow her on Twitter, read her blog and donate on her tip jar. And Watch her video here.

Well, the interesting thing about this weekend is how Sarah started to raise money for her trip to the Thunder Cruise she posted a Video on Viddler and asked for 5 dollar donations to every person that watched. She has not yet got to the goal now, but she is surely in the right track and it’s 100% sure she will get it.

I was amazed on how she started raising money so fast for her trip and how the internet community actually helped her out. First i met Sarah yesterday on a Gary Vaynerchuk live US Stream and felt i needed to help her since we are in the same situation (College students working for nothing and being broke right now).

I love the way the internet makes it all so easy and possible, so we need just to believe in ourselves and start making things happen. The small message from this post (besides the Donate to Sarah, please) is to encourage all people to use the power of the Internet to leverage the efforts in seeking a goal. I’m surely going to do it. How about you?

That reminds me i need to raise funds for the Thunder Cruise too. After Sarah of course!


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