Marketing Names

i’ve been studying marketing for some time now and many of the terms marketing uses sound bad or just inappropriate to refer to costumers, markets which are mainly groups of people.

first we have niche. niche is actually meant to be a group of people with some specific interest, but the etymology of niche is not near that definition at all. i don’t know where did it came from, but i believe people with certain interests deserve to be named in a better way than niche. in spanish niche is a whole in a wall where they put the coffins. death bed is not actually what we should call our group of costumers right?

then with the internet we get the word viral. viral meaning a campaign that spreads like a virus. last time i checked nobody wanted a virus. so how a campaign that is supposed to be popular is called viral? i think it’s lack of creativity of the people choosing the words in marketing.

then the use of costumer instead of client. i know that costumer is still the word we are going to use. is the word i’m going to use, but client explains much better what we want to say. client is the one using a service, enjoying it, and the client is the patron. the patron is the regular costumer and it’s what we need to take care off. i.e the people using twitter, the people uploading original content to youtube or the viewers of revision 3.

all the companies mentioned above have excellent client service. i think that we need to start realizing that our clients or “costumers” are the community we need to serve and be part off. when you enter a marketing meeting you can hear the “expert” saying: “The 25% of the market thinks the product is bad”, but in reality what we should listen to is something like this “John and Jane don’t like this feature of the product” and then  something like this “but Susan and Mary really enjoy this other features”.

what’s the point?

the point i want to make here is that marketing has failed to use the correct words to refer to the community of people that buy a product or take a service.

but those times are over. marketing is being redefined slowly but lot’s of people that feel times are changing. we have terms as pinko marketing, social media marketing and new ones coming every day that seek to make people understand the the most important thing is the community. so we need to be honest and care about the community instead of look at them as numbers and strange people.

We need to thank people redefining and spreading the importance of people in this new era of life (because it’s more than business) like Tara Hunt and many others. I want to thank specially Tara Hunt because of her approach to make a real shift in how we do business, work, marketing, communications and community building.

so now that the new trends are being defined we need to be awake to take action with the new approach to marketing, because the old approaches are losing effctivity every day. marketing and branding as everything in this world evolve with time and we are seeing a major stage of that evolution.


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