2C’s of New Media (CC)

Ok so NME (New Media Expo for those who don’t know about it) started today! And Gary Vay.Ner.Chuk opened up with his Keynote. BTW, thanks to Gary and AJ for making the live stream so we all could enjoy and get inspired by his show (ehm Key Note!). He talked about how to get a New Internet Show running and what makes the Internet a great media to be in this days!

He mentioned the 2 main points: Community and Content!!!!

Serve the Community, make them happy, listen to them and be friends with them! Be part of them! Or let them be part of your life!

And content! Make it original! Put your DNA into it! Don’t try to be like anybody else! That is the true value of the shows we see on the Internet!

That being sayed! Hustle your face off!!!! Now the complete message has been given.

Ok taking it from where i left ….Revision 3 is launching Revision3Beta (aka REV3BETA) powered and sponsored by Viddler (they are awesome We ❤ Viddler). The idea is to give opportunity for new media shows to go on rev3beta and be tested and then if they’re good make it to a Rev3Beta show card and if they are extremely good make it to Rev· (Ohhh yeah!!!!)

So we are all on for that! Bloggers! Vloggers! All of us! The GaryVee, Epic Fu… generation FTW!

Right now I’m searching for ideas! So if any of you Internet people have ideas please comment down there!!! (Imagine me pointing down to the comments link).

Ok hope you have a nice FRIDAY!! and I’ll be back with more NME updates!


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