It’s all about the DNA

So i was watching Gary Vaynerchuk’s keynote on New Media Expo and he talked about making shows about your DNA! I think it’s true you need to putt your DNA in everything you do and do what you like in order to be happy and excellent at those things.

The keynote got me thinking in what my DNA tells me i like. The answers was pretty simple : Computers, Girls (Over 50% of thinking done by men is about girls), Entertainment, News, Jokes, Marketing, Internet, Girls, Gadgets, How awesome is to be able to be online all day, More gadgets and girls. That was about it. The epic thing about this is that the list is pretty wide so i can do a whole bunch of things. My DNA also tells me to finish college (though i sense some pointless classes and information given to me there), but well i think some ideas are valuable. They tell me what techniques are not good anymore. So i prefer to learn from MIT Open Course ware ( SiliconCalley Style), and learn from people who have bright ideas and make them happen like Tara Hunt (FTW!!! I’m his number 1 fan! she rocks! I love the way she thinks and her ideas).

My DNA tells me i need to collaborate with people like Tara Hunt or infinite people because i like what they do and i want to be part of it. Some people watch i want to act. Randomness, that is another thing that i like. In this crazy twitter months (since i joined twitter) I’ve known two random persons Sarah and Mel (note the URL’s of their blogs Random Sarah and Random Mel)  they both rock! Specially with their videos, one talks and the other one uses paper notes (because she thinks we won’t like her accent). Well, that’s some of the cool people I’ve met over this past months, which BTW have been great!

Oh I’m going on the Thundercruise!! Hopefully it will the best experience EVER!!!! to get to meet lot’s of Vayniacs and to share with people interested in the Internet.

So the end result was. I like to meet people to talk to them and the internet, computers, a bit of wrestling, some more computers and internet, movies, gaming and music. So if i can combine all that and add a bit of my “non confessed passion” for Communications and Media i think i can do great!

Now it’s time to open up some opportunities for myself.

Special thanks to : The Famous Paul from Switzerland! FTW!!

Me and a friend started a project called THE DROPP REPORT this past week! Hope it comes out good! You’ll be hearing from us a lot more. Follow us on twitter so you can know if we go live on ustream! We will try to make our tapings live and take some input form the people out there.


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