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Today I start my long weekend. After 3 weeks of working at an electricity distribution company tomorrow we have the anniversary party. That doesn’t count as work right? You may wonder how a Social Media person (like I like to label myself) is working for a Electricity Distribution Company. It’s simple it is an internship and here in Peru we don’t get many cool startups or firms to work. So this is the main reason why I’ll like to move to California pretty soon.

The fun thing is that i work at the PR department (though studying Business Administration) and i keep arguing with people on how to speak to costumers and how they are the ones needing all the information, while the people in charge of communications don’t communicate as they should. I guess they can afford the luxury of that since Electricity Distribution is a Natural Monopoly.

Going on with my plans on Sunday I’ll keep doing my work for this amazing project in the UK called 4mations. Special thanks to Mel Kirk for letting me be part of her team. LOVE YA! MEL! YOU ROCK!

Well so this long weekend will be highly productive and maybe I’ll go to a party or two. Also on Saturday we will be doing the Live DROPP TV and the taping of the new and improved Dropp Report (Quest of getting out of Beta). So this is a bit of randomness! Also I’m looking for another Internship in the operations department at any company that has one, specially if it’s a internet or social network. I need to get out of electricity and need more action.

The other great news is that my consulting firm is back in action JGD CONSULTING! and it’s becoming a Marketing, Projects and Social Communications Consulting firm. So this long weekend will be busy…And i thought i would get to sleep.

Please leave your comments, critics, ideas, love, hate or any schwag.

See you son probably uploading the new Dropp Report.


  1. You want to move to California? I heard Palo Alto is an amazing place to work, that companies treat their employees incredibly, and the attitude is really laid back and friendly!

  2. Jorge – sorry for being so crap at responding – you rock and thanks for all of your work so far. Hope that you’re enjoying it! 🙂

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