Education? You mean school? That’s not education!

Ok so if my title brought you to read this it means I’m good at making titles. The point here is I haven’t studied any writing I just write and try to get better as I do it. That’s how my education process works in Social Media, Whuffie, Love, Video Editing, Web Design, Video Direction, Public Speaking and many more things i really love. So basically all my education or at least 75% of it occurs outside of actual schools or classes. 

There is a person I really admire for all that she is doing and without what we will call a Formal Education(which is not education, mostly), but I’m sure she is  educated in Marketing and Tech as she loves this subjects (plus some coding). She is Calley Nye who just launched TechNewsLA. This is to show that no matter what type of education you get, if you love something you’ll be excellent at it. Period. And there are many more, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for example.


Standarized Results

Standarized Results

A while ago i posted about the talk given by Sir Ken Robinson on the TED Conference about education producing people smart enough to do tests, but not prepeared to go out in real world and share their talents. Today, while I was catching up with all the blogs i usually read I came across a blog post by Tara Hunt (2 actually, and yes Tara Hunt again, she is making change in thought, at least in mine). Tara talked about incentives in the education system. So the system gives money to the schools that get good test results on the standarized tests, so teachers give incentives to kids with good grades on the standarized tests and finally we get standarized kids. All people learn test taking skills more than actual information or a theory of knowledge and a thought pattern to follow. I thank i did the IB program at high school because it thought me how to think in a different way than if i had taken the SAT’s. I have to thank the IB program and many people need to thank life or work to teach them this things or maybe their parents. No matter how we got to learn to think, maybe it was for a school’s good teacher, IT WAS NOT BECAUSE OF THE INCENTIVES GIVEN BY THE GOVERNMENT. 


Ok so this happens in all countries. Not only in the US, it happend here too. Sir Ken Robinson talks about how standarized tests kill our creativity and make us don’t develop our talent. We can agree in that everyone of us is a different person, hence we have different skills and talents and different ways of working them out. I think that since the educations system is failing to deliver a proper talent education we need to come up with an idea that will develop the talent people have inside. 

In the first place there should be a culture of just do it. I mean if you think you are talented at something don’t listen to voices let you down and tell you your tests are the most important thing. Just dedicate time to what you love and you’ll be succesful. That is a must. Look at me I’m blogging probably not for much people to read. I’m happy if one person reads this, just one. But the fact is that I’m getting better, so this is part of my education. I do it this way because my business program doesn’t include a writing class. So i just teach myself how to write.

So as I write because i love it. People should just do the things they love. For a moment think in someone that loves Surfing. We happen to have a former world champion of surrf, Sofia Mulanovich, she dedicated to surf and stopped giving a focus to standarized education finally she got to be World Champ in 2004. The system is not working so i came up with an idea.

Why not give incentives to art and extra curricular activities development (Ok now that i think it it was Tara’s idea). But it was a good one and I support it. We need to let standarized tests as Plain Vanilla and then start putting the chocolate on. Let’s give money to schools that produce the most outstanding papers on literature, the most perfect blogs, the best teams at sports, the best art demonstrations, the best video productions, the best history essays, the best business projects via something like Junior Achievement.

Finally we need to create thinkers not test takers, Thinkers are the ones making this world great. Thank god there is people still teaching this, at home, school, alternate programs, work, life, the street, twitter or anywhere else.


  1. elma

    I’ll always be thankful for the education I received because it led me to the work place, where I really excelled in. Actually, I was much better at work than at school and a professor saw this in me that’s why she hired me even before I got my bachelor’s diploma. Most of what I’ve learned in life, and my real passions were nothing that I learned in school. So there…

  2. jjaime213

    I don’t think that all education is actually bad. As I said there are some outstanding teachers out there doing the right thing. The problem is the system does not incetive that kind of education. It’s great to get people that can see your talent and passions.

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