My Wish List

Today I made my Tech Wish List:

1. Mac Pro : Double 3.0 Xeon 32 GB of Ram(Just cause it’s a wishlist) and a Nvidia Quadro 

2. MacBook Pro: 2.6 GHZ 15″  with 4GB 

3. Dell Displays (3 24″, 2 for the MPro and one for the MBpro)

4. A Drobo Second Generation with 4 TB Hard Drives for my videos

5. A Server for my home (Probably Running Ubuntu Server)

6. A  Flip Mino

7. A Canon Vixia HF 11 (Or a Red One, the Red One gets the priority)

8. A set of lights 

9. A mixer with lot’s of types of microphones. Including 3 clip microphones for the tapings.

10. Asus gaming laptop 

11. A 16 GB iPhone 

12. A  Canon Digital Photo Camera

13. PS3, Wii (so i can finally return the one i have at home), and a 52″ Display

14. Lot’s of Ikea furniture to put all my new tech.

So those are the 14 items i want. I will Include a Tesla Roadster, but that is other kind of Tech. 

I will also add a Job at a Startup and a Startup itself so i can have the money to pay for electricity bills.


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