After some months i finally decided to get an iPhone 3G switching from my old loyal Nextel Motorola i560. The main reason i changed it’s because my nextel was old and thint kept up to date with all the things i was doing on the internet. I just needed to be interconected. 

It will be easier if you looked at it in pictures

Before                                                                                   After


Nextel i560

Nextel i560














Basically the only thing this phones have in common are the i at the beggining, though one is for the iDEN technology and the other one is because it’s apple. 


I’m really excited to have had the choice to choose which carrier to use. I wonder why apple didn’t do this in all the world. Here our 2 main GSM carriers got the iPhone so you can choose the one who offers the best plan and costumer services and it was a good deal. I even got the phone for less than 199 with a plan that has features that are not far from the ones offered in the US. 

Features i like. If you are reading this and you are not a tech geek, hence you don’t have and advanced phone then let me tell you that you’re missing one heck of an experience.

Objetive Review

My objective review is that this phone is better than a blackberry since it has a faster internet and lot’s of options with the APPs. I speacially like the Digg app and twitterlator which is much more organized than twitterrific (the free one). I still have failed to pay for apps because I’m on savings mode so I’m thinking i could pwn my iphone to get qik on it. 

Ok so I’m still in the feeling part of my purchase I guess i’ll wait until next week to review it objectively.


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