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After a short break without blogging, mainly due to the academic load at university. I’m back.

This past weeks i have left my job at a good company and decided to look for something that i love to do. It’s sometimes hard to find something that you love to do and that at the same time pays your bills, but it’s possible.

With some freetime now I’ve been thinking about people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Carlos Slim and many other millionaires who decided to do what they loved and got money to pay the bills, not only of them but of a whole bunch of people working directly or indirectly for them.

They didn’t do this alone, but they were keen enough to motivate a group to follow their ideas. If you would like to start doing something you love the best way is finding some people who love the same thing and motivate them to work with you in order to achieve your goal.

Many people don’t get to that point mainly because they never try to find people that share the same passions as them. Now with the internet you can find good people all around the world. So the process should be easier, but it seems the evolution is slow.

Of course you’ll need to get to know this people first, but i can assure that cultivating long term relationships with people you meet al around is an amazing opportunity to find people that can be your partners in the future. It’s a good way to find the next Woz or Paul Allen.

So just go out and search for someone that shares your passion. Then You’ll be ready to kick it!


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