The Industry

Internet or Web apps are becoming a huge industry making so much stuff so easy, like for example blogging. Now everybody has a blog, of course if it’s well designed and marketed it will be better. I realized my blog posts don’t get many reads and I know why this happens. It’s all basically my fault. I created a Tumblr account and made it my bio link in my twitter page and then failed to update it, It should have been my blog, and secondly I’m always lazy to post or write long articles.

Well after that random blurb i was thinking on launching 2 podcasts, a nice blog and finally a web app. This are projects I have had for at least 6 months now.  Some may be launching soon and probably the web app will take sometime, specially because I’m not in a country with much confidence in web startups, but that will not stop me. 

I will have to work hard on that using platform as a service offers out there and contacting some coder around the world, which i hope to find and finally launch the startup and get some funding, even if we have to move it to the US or another country.

So software as a service, platforms as a service and the latest community as a service are all making it possible for people around the world to build lot’s of web products easily and I love how this services democratize the world in a real way. Thomas Friedman said it in his book “The earth is flat” and it is becoming more real for everyone now.


Right now I’m looking for a coder, a web designer and some co-hosts for a podcast and nice blog. I’m sure all this will start and hopefully be sustainable in the future.

So what are your projects now?


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