Starting Up

For the next year I’ll be involved in launching two projects for startup businesses one in the web market and other one in the Education market with a huge potential of evolving into a webapp.

I think it’s a good idea to blog all my startup advances to share it with  people that have ideas and want to turn them into reality. 

The first step I’m taking is implementing a business plan model so we can have a guide of where we are going. Many people say business plans suck, and sometimes you don’t need them. That’s true, but it gives you a guide of where to go and focuses your resources and capabilities on the market you want and helps you be aware of the potential threats that may come in the near future.

Today we started by establishing our values and what we wante from the business, we came up with a mission statement and values that will lead the effort we are making. Then we proceeded to establish the resources we have, the ones we lack and did the same thing with the capabilities.

We endend the meeting as all this took us almost 4 hours, we will meet again next week and hopefully finish a SWOT analysis that will lead to determine a possible competitive advantage.

Next week I will post the second part of this planning meetings.

In the mean time I have a few questions.

What was your start up process?

Do you like to  use business plans or what do you use?


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