I am Jorge Jaime, but they call me J.J

I am a starting blogger but a long time internet person (I don’t use the internet i live it! ) <- So cliche

I study International Business in Lima,Peru and try to self educate myself in computer science and SEO.

I have also learned a lot of Internet Branding and Marketing in the last year or so.

My real love is the Internet! and it’s the industry i want to be in.

I work at JGD Consulting Group where I’m a Co-Founder

I’m just starting my projects and i will like to get to know the world, get out of my city and share my experience with everyone i can while i learn more.

I plan on moving to California soon. Don’t know how, just know i will.

I’m a geek, i love movies, good books, good business books and joking. I’m a fan of various Internet Shows and i have the whis of making one someday. User of almost all the social networks you can find me on Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook and many more.

The Break Operation: The Break Operation is the code name to a project i had sometime in the past year. The name came from a brainstorming session that went terribly uncreative so we took a break from thinking, until today we haven’t got back. We have other projects, but i take as if THE BREAK OPERATION continues. So here it is!

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