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I’m a follower of EPIC FU and a MIX member. I love Epic Fu it’s just EPIC!!! Zadi, the host of the show, went on living a week without plastic and i decided to join her and see if it was possible for me to live full 7 days without getting new plastic. Thank god it ends today because tomorrow I’ll be getting my new iPhone ( and new plastic).

Ok so first it started with a huge hardware fail. I took pictures and videos of lot’s of glass and aluminum containers i used to replace plastic but a EPIC fail in my memory card erased them all. Gladly i found a couple of pics i took today that I will add to this post.

Here is a brief diary of how it went

Day 1: Pretty simple, all my “old plastic” is still providing my daily plastic consumption. No Starbucks for me though (I do have a thermos). I’ve been wanting to quit Starbucks a long time ago and this is the great moment for it. I did it and now i have more money in my pocket every day! YAY!

Day 2: Ok so i need a new camera memory, but that is plastic too. So I’m not getting one until next friday. I was desperate for a coke (or soft drink as my Co-Host in the Dropp Report says). Didn’t found any non-plastic big one (for the family) so we started drinking green tea. (Kevin Rose Style, I should leave in San Fransisco. If you guys know of a Job for me in SF please let me know! I’ll appreciate it).

Day 3: Here on DAY 3! Saturday…this is when it really got hard. Shopping day and i need to go and buy food to fill my fridge. (At this time Zadi and Steve where giving they Keynote on NME and i Missed it …another EPIC FAIL!). This is my list. I found green tea from China in a cool metal and paper cup and not wrapped in plastic at all. I changed the supermarket for the old school market where the meat is not in plastic so i just got some “old plastic” reciepients to put the meat and stuff in. Also i saved lot’s of money. I bought everything in my list except cookies…they come in plastic. Butter in aluminum foil (or other metal). A box of pasta….instead of plastic. A box of cocoa (Hersheys FTW). So i got almost everything…thanks to the oldschool market artist that made me some paper bags instantly so wouldn’t use plastic.

Day 4: Sunday, not getting out of my house Yay! So no temptations to buy at all

Day 5: Almost got fired from my new internship (Some one thought i wanted to attack the office when i said it looked like the office SD-6 had in the TV series Alias, they need to watch more TV) Well, as far as plastic i rejected every piece of food i was offered, and used wood pencils instead of pens. Pens are made of plastic (and  i don’t have any of those fancy metal pens).

Day 6: Complicated plastic day! I need to throw the trash and runned out of plastic bags. So i had to go a buy new plastic bags for the trash (I wish we could use rubbish cans here). It’s the only plastic purchase so far. But i got some cool plastic. It’s a type of plastic that takes 1/200 of the time to degradate. So i guess I’m not being that bad with the world using this. I was also sent to buy CD’s and so i got them. Another plastic thing we can’t seem to replace. The person who sent me to buy CD’s should learn he or she can upload things to something called THE INTERNET! or use a USB drive or send someone else to buy (not the guy in the 7 days without plastic challenge),

Day 7: Final day of the challenge (Just realized Wednesday was day 7…I did 8 days then). Ok we are running out of food and I want some coke (or soft drink). So i go out to the store and find this cool glass bottle of Coke with a metal cap on it. FTW!!! COCA COLA Company rocks! They made a glass bottle. So the first coke of the week. Nice to find some non plastic coke. If not i would have needed to drink some more TEA. Don’t get me wrong tea is great and all, but a glass of coke every once in a while is good too. The pic on this post is the glass Coke bottle with some editing i did so it will actually look good because the pic looked bad.

So this is my exciting challenge. I wish i would have the videos or pics but my MEMORY CARD failed.

Thanks for reading this and hope there is more green challenges for us.

A conclusion: If you go to a market instead of a supermarket you can find things that don’t come in plastic and save money. Also, not buying plastic helps you get clean with your diet. No cookies or snacks in one week that was cool. I also saved a ton of money in that.

Can’t wait to see the end of Zadi’s 7 days this coming tuesday!