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Economy has been the great subject these past weeks. The financial crisis has made us start to think if the model we’ve been pursuing was the correct one or if we should change to another one from now on. Many answers have came out from diverse people, to the ones proposing a closed market to develop all again, to other ones promoting capitalism with the adequate regulation, based on what Adam Smith proposed a little bit over 2 centuries ago.

In my opinion economy should keep going with the system we’ve been using, but based on a democracy and with close regulations in the places were markets can still fail because the distribution of information is not perfect.

But regardless of the macroeconomic results we will have this coming months I’m worried for the micro economic side of the matter. Microeconomics worry about what happens to us as individuals, so this is our personal state of affairs. How much money we earn, how much do we save, how much do we spend on cars and parties, etc. In the past years I’ve learned that Micro and Macro sometimes are not related. I’ve seen countries growing at 7% annually and yet not improving the quality of life of their people, so i wonder  if the opposite is also true.

In this rough times for Macroeconomics we for sure will have to cut off spending, some of us will lose our jobs (remember in macroeconomics losing your job will increase the rate from 4% to 4.000001%, but in Microeconomics it increases from 0% to 100%).   But life should not be that hard if we think we are capable of getting creative ideas. In this century brains are the ones that rule, so we need to dust them off and use them as much as we can. Some research shows that humans use just 5% of their brain capacity, in these times i guess we need to start trying to use 6, 7 or 8% so we can get and advantage.  Brains are dominating because talented people can build companies and millions of dollars in just a couple of years with ideas and the correct resources.

Back in the 19th century minds followed capital, now it’s the other way round. So in this times of crisis things aren’t that bad. We can’t lose it all, but we have our brains. We can come out with outstanding ideas to make new companies, associations or work clubs to produce nice ideas that will make our life easier. For example, Google has done this and followed a traditional business model. On the other hand Co-Working is doing another revolution and a business model, but with a amazing mission make people who work alone collaborate in a friendly environment.  And people are still creating new things. iPhone Apps are increasing in the itunes store, from loan calculators to tax paymentd widgets. Creativity is all around we just need to let the fear go out and start to think.

So if you feel this crisis is going to be bad, forget that! Start thinking in new ideas of how to improve the quality of life without increasing the cost to the people. How to make life easier with a marginal cost or how to help people collaborate to come out with new ideas and you will do well for sure. In this crisis we need to usea our processing power to   get out of it.

Economy is not based in capital or it’s based on BRAINS. And we all have one. So there is no excuse.     

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Haven’t updated my Blog in a week or so. That’s the Bad Blogger Syndrome that gets in us from time to time. A few things have been going in my mind distracting me from BRKOPP, it looks that finally our projects are taking off and we should end up the break time. 

As you may know BRKOPP is a operation that emerged from me and my partners deciding to take a break to think of ideas for a traditional business. By Traditional I actually mean some sort of boring business that we didn’t love. So we decided to do what we loved, which is tech industry, social media, relationships and making other people’s lifes easier. So we took this Break from that to think on projects we loved. Looks like finally we have a few ideas to start and we are trying to make them come out as fast as we can. 

Break will never end in the sense it was concieved, because we will never go back to the traditional model we were trying to follow. But break time will be over because it’s time to start working in making our ideas real.

I’m working with my long time school friend and partner in business Samuel. I’m also gathering a team of people to work with that will love to embrace the web as new way of getting things done. The web is indeed the tool that has changed our lifes.

On the other hand, as much as I believe in my projects i want also to help in other people’s projects so I have applied to a job on a internet companie hoping to learn and give as much as i can and make it a huge experience. 


But enough of my projects. You’ll see them soon. Probably in a couple of weeks. 


Today I bought some amazing Cinammon Rolls from a friend that is making them! They were amazingly good! I think i’ve just discovered the new dessert for when i have lunch at work. Specially because i love em. So knowing that i love food way to much i have decided to take cooking lessons to see if i can become the closest i can to a cheff.  Have you ever wondered why we love sugar so much? and as we grow up we tend to like other kinds of foods than sweets. It’s very interesting! I need to ask about it to someone. So if you know please post.


Well its a  Wednesday night and I need to keep reading Rebooting America which is a nice book of essays you can download for free or buy if you like it! I’m doing both.



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Today I start my long weekend. After 3 weeks of working at an electricity distribution company tomorrow we have the anniversary party. That doesn’t count as work right? You may wonder how a Social Media person (like I like to label myself) is working for a Electricity Distribution Company. It’s simple it is an internship and here in Peru we don’t get many cool startups or firms to work. So this is the main reason why I’ll like to move to California pretty soon.

The fun thing is that i work at the PR department (though studying Business Administration) and i keep arguing with people on how to speak to costumers and how they are the ones needing all the information, while the people in charge of communications don’t communicate as they should. I guess they can afford the luxury of that since Electricity Distribution is a Natural Monopoly.

Going on with my plans on Sunday I’ll keep doing my work for this amazing project in the UK called 4mations. Special thanks to Mel Kirk for letting me be part of her team. LOVE YA! MEL! YOU ROCK!

Well so this long weekend will be highly productive and maybe I’ll go to a party or two. Also on Saturday we will be doing the Live DROPP TV and the taping of the new and improved Dropp Report (Quest of getting out of Beta). So this is a bit of randomness! Also I’m looking for another Internship in the operations department at any company that has one, specially if it’s a internet or social network. I need to get out of electricity and need more action.

The other great news is that my consulting firm is back in action JGD CONSULTING! and it’s becoming a Marketing, Projects and Social Communications Consulting firm. So this long weekend will be busy…And i thought i would get to sleep.

Please leave your comments, critics, ideas, love, hate or any schwag.

See you son probably uploading the new Dropp Report.

This weekend I’ve been helping a new made Internet Friend to raise funds for the Thunder Cruise with Gary Vaynerchuk and it has been an amazing experience.

Note: Gary Vaynerchuk is the host of WineLibraryTV and It’s an amazing person too. He is organizing the Thunder Cruise next april. My friend is Sarah Cooley, you can follow her on Twitter, read her blog and donate on her tip jar. And Watch her video here.

Well, the interesting thing about this weekend is how Sarah started to raise money for her trip to the Thunder Cruise she posted a Video on Viddler and asked for 5 dollar donations to every person that watched. She has not yet got to the goal now, but she is surely in the right track and it’s 100% sure she will get it.

I was amazed on how she started raising money so fast for her trip and how the internet community actually helped her out. First i met Sarah yesterday on a Gary Vaynerchuk live US Stream and felt i needed to help her since we are in the same situation (College students working for nothing and being broke right now).

I love the way the internet makes it all so easy and possible, so we need just to believe in ourselves and start making things happen. The small message from this post (besides the Donate to Sarah, please) is to encourage all people to use the power of the Internet to leverage the efforts in seeking a goal. I’m surely going to do it. How about you?

That reminds me i need to raise funds for the Thunder Cruise too. After Sarah of course!

Stories to tell

After watching The Dark Knight, reading a couple of books and watching some videos at i was inspired to keep going with my projects. This inspiration came from the stories that had been told to me by Christopher Nolan, Machiavelli and  Sir Ken Robinson.

Stories Make us Realize that we can

The importance of this stories is that they make us see, in a way or another, what we are capable of achieving if we put a amount of effort to one thing. Batman keeps doing big sacrifices and enormous efforts to bring peace to Gotham, to show us that we call can be heroes if we do the correct thing in the correct time. It doesn’t matter if it seems as we are the ones who lose or if people think we are the bad guys, sometimes we just need to do the correct thing in any given time. Of course, i hope that the given time is always.  Inspiration comes from realizing that ordinary people like Bruce Wayne or any other ordinary guy we admire (Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc.) can achive great things if they set up a goal and do the correct thing when that is needed. We can achive peace in Gotham,being the most wealthy person in the world, or being the one creating the most desired tech products.

The message is: “Whatever we want we can achieve”.

This what is so inspiring about stories and documentaries on the life of the heroes we have. But, then the sense of “we don’t have what they had to do it” comes to our minds. And when this times arrive is when conferences like the one given by Sir Ken Robinson come to tell us that all we need is ourselves and our potential. Sir Ken Robinson (In the video at the end of this post) tells us that education or having money are not the key to success, but creativity is. And we humans happen to have a unlimited creative potential. So when the feelings of lack of resources come, there are also some stories that inspire us to keep going and know that we have all that we need. Then Machiavelli comes to tell us a story of how we can behave in places that people thought were not for us. So that the idea of being what we want is the only thing we need.

Tell your story

The conclusion i draw from this is that our stories can help inspire many people around the world and change it. We are empowered with the Internet that allows us to reach millions of people. So i think that no matter what our stories say we need to share them because they will inspire some one.

I lot’s of stories that i will share when i have the time to write them or talk about them. I hope you share your story too.

“Every experience is Valuable” –

Conference by Sir Ken Robinson on