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The WEB 2.0 is offering an increasing amount of services to share, thoughts and files.For several months I’ve been using lots of the so called Microblogging services available on the internet (except Jaiku). I must say i still love Twitter and i hate when Twitter is down for too long or when it has database problems. But the Twitter service is valuable because the people are there. For a networking site to work you need to have the people in there and Twitter has it, though it’s down almost every week for several hours and it is very limited.

Update: I think Microblogging is a vague definition of the services as many of this sites offer different benefits to the users and they don’t compete with each other providing a equal service. It’s just that we have some amount of time to update all of them so we decide to use a few of them, mainly the ones that provide more benefits to us.


A while ago Kevin Rose and Leah Culver (along with some other people) launched Pownce which intends to provide a similar service as twitter but allowing us to share audio files, videos, pictures and links along with our messages. I like Pownce (though i don’t use it to post much) because it allows to have all the updates and the files there without opening any links. Many will say that that is a Feature Friend Feed is already offering and it’s true but Pownce offers a much more comfortable view (at least for me).

I use pownce to read the updates of the people that do update on Pownce regularly and find it very comfortable to know what i will look for and not have a bunch of shortened URLs around. Ok, the problem is that there has been reports of Pownce having issues when you follow (or become a fan of) too much people. I think that for Pownce to drive more users it needs to allow us to be fans of whatever number of people we will like (Like Twitter does) or at least put a really high top for the number of people you can become fan of.

What I like from Pownce:

  • It looks good, for me the looks are important since I’m going to be reading the page a lot.
  • It shows the files in the home page so you actually know what you are going to look at.
  • It allows you to post other profiles so people can find you.

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